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When entrusting Terres & Océan Real Estate with finding you a property, you are calling on a professional with an obligation to inform and advise.

We have a dual job :
– attentive listening of your needs and wishes, in order to submit to you the most suitable selection, according to your research criterias
– secure the deal by accompanying you through all the stages of your purchase, to the deed to your notary’s
Our remuneration is results-dependent. Our agency commission is only due on signing of the deeds, which constitutes the final step in the transaction.

Your purchasing project will involve four main steps :

1. The viewing of the property :
For each property, you’ll be asked to sign a “visit slip” .
This document indicates that you have been informed of and have viewed the property
through Terres & Océan Real Estate. As a record of our involvement, this visit slip is
necessary in our collaboration with you.

2. Making an offer :
The purpose is to confirm your wish to purchase and your interest in the submitted property.
We will fill up together an offer-to-purchase form, as a real commitment that formalizes your intention to buy and allows negociation with the seller to begin.
This document includes your personal details and details of the property in question, the offer price, the desired completion date and a validity date.

3. The pre-contract or private agreement :
This document seals your commitment and the seller’s acceptance of the offer. It sets
out all the key points of the sale and any invalidating conditions (failure to obtain a
loan, for exemple). It takes the form either of a unilateral sale promise (promesse de
vente) or of a bilateral sale promise (“promesse synallagmatique” or “compromis de
That step involves the payment of a deposit from 5 to 10% that will be transferred on a
secured account.
Under the terms of the new SRU law, you have a right to withdraw from the sale
within seven days following signing of the pre-contract. On expiration of this period,
you will loose your deposit, known as the “immobilization indemnity” for the seller.
If the sale goes through, this sum will be deducted from the overall purchase price.
This document is signed in our office, and can be previously validated by your notary.

4. The deeds :
This is the final contract that confirms the sale. It is always signed in front of a notary,
after all the usual verifications have been done.
You officially become the owner after you’ve paid the outstanding sum due and
handover of the keys
Agency fees are only due on final completion of the sale.