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Through this document, you entrust Terres & Océan Real Estate with finding a buyer and you agree to sell your property on the specified terms of the mandate.
You also authorize us to advertise your property in our main publication sites.

1. Your property on the market :
Our commitment is to use all the means in our disposal to find you a buyer on the best terms and in the shortest time.
All expenses relating to advertising your property are borne by us : photographic portfolio, online publication, press publication and in-agency advertisement.
Furthermore, we quickly contact all the prospective buyers in our data base, whose research criterias match your property’s.
Visits are planned after detailed information about the property, attentive discovery of the needs and wishes, and a study of the financial means of the buyer.

2. Buyer offers :
Any serious proposal will be submitted to you in the form of a written purchase offer, with commitment value

3. The pre-contract or private agreement :
Both buyer’s and seller’s commitments are formalized through a private agreement,
signed in our office.
If you wish, this document can be previously validated by your notary.

4. The deeds
This is the definitive conclusion of the transaction, that guarantees the end of the sale.

You will have to pay these taxes in addition to the purchase price and the agency fees. These include :
– Charge for official publication of change in ownership (publicité foncière)
– The notary’s fees
– Fees of the land/mortgage registrar (conservateur des hypothèques)
– Stamp duty (frais de papier timbré)
– Registration fees (droits d’enregistrement)
These costs can be previously precisely estimated before purchasing. They are always borne by the buyer.